Il Relais


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A widespread structure

A place of peace enriched by breathtaking views

The Relais Borgo Campello is a structure spread within the medieval village of Campello Alto, composed of the Castle and the Convent, where good rest, nature and the magic of antiquity perfectly combine.  It is located on a hill, a few kilometres from Spoleto and the Fonti del Clitunno, in a strategic position, in the centre of the main Umbrian cities of art (Assisi, Montefalco, Bevagna, Rasiglia, Foligno, Spello, Trevi, Norcia e Cascia).

Relais Borgo Campello, Il Castello, Borgo Rovero di Champeaux, Campello sul Clitunno, PG, Italia

Relais Borgo Campello, Il Monastero, Via Palazzetto, Campello sul Clitunno, PG, Italia

The Relais Borgo Campello consists of the Castle of Campello Alto and the Convent below, whose buildings date back to the years between the tenth and fifteenth centuries.

The two buildings, one place of power and the other of the soul, were the poles of attraction of pilgrims and city dwellers, that was born and developed, creating a new concept of urban life of the countryside and the towns. The pilgrims along the via Francigena needed accommodation facilities and shops, to which the Borgo adapted over time expanding beyond the walls.

In the different areas, various renovations have followed, and housing hamlets have been added all around the hill bring together an inhabited area.

For centuries, the Castle and the Convent have represented the very essence of the Village, which keeps intact the charm and millennial values of its history.

As then, these places are a source of attraction and beauty, where guests take refuge when they need a break or relaxation from city life, retracing the steps of men and women who have lived over the centuries.

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