Massages and Treatments


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Massages and Treatments

Beauty and harmony for the body and mind for holistic well-being. Massages and body and face treatments are rituals that affect every dimension of being, combining ancient knowledge with current trends. At the base of each treatment are the treasures of nature: the benefits of essential oils, the effectiveness of the products and fragrances carefully selected to give new vitality and natural charm.

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Starpool Cloud and Breath Experience

State-of-the-art beds that recreate the effect of weightlessness through Dry Floating, for a memorable sensory journey.

The weight of the body is eliminated in the Cloud system, where the dry flotation is accompanied by a pleasant hydromassage and the touch of the hands of our operator.

The rhythmic waves of Breath Experience help operators to give a total massage and relaxation experience.

The positive effects, even for minimal sessions, are scientifically proven: production of serotonin, improvement of sleep, physical recovery, increased concentration, cardiocirculatory training and the immune system thanks to the improvement of physiological parameters.

Massages and Treatments
The (healing) virtues of massages and treatments have always been a benefit for body and soul to find the right balance and sense of peace with ourselves.
Sons of ancient traditions combined with technology in some cases, massages and treatments range from relaxing, traditional and international, personalized and anti-aging massages, up to real Wellness Paths.
Carefully chosen natural products, essences and creams used.

The T-Shape 2
The T-Shape 2 is a new generation machine of treatments to reshape and tone the body and revitalize the skin of the face.

The combination of 3 powerful technologies acts simultaneously by promoting the production of collagen and causing a considerable localized reduction of adipose volumes and skin laxity.

Thanks to the vacuum-assisted technology, associated with dynamic impulses, the T-Shape 2 massage increases local blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage, to obtain a firmer and more youthful effect, all with a very pleasant feeling of relaxation.

immagine nuvola SITO

Wellness Paths

The sensory paths, which give total well-being, bring peace and balance, a real individual or couple regeneration.

The Paths, depending on the needs of our customers, are performed some in the Wellness Cabins, others on the Cloud and Breath systems of the STARPOOL for a total remise en forme.

Time, Sensations, Scents, Colours and Cuddles for Oneself

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Massaggi relax

Relaxing Massagges

Relaxing massages, performed on the whole body according to international rituals in order to accompany the guest along a path of recovery from the stress and anxieties of our days.

The massage, if done as a couple, turns into a real sensory ritual.

Relaxing massages improve the mental, physical and emotional well-being of our being.

Relaxing Traditional MassagesRelaxing International Massages
Trattamenti antiage

Anti-aging treatments for body and face

Treatments and individual pampering, aesthetic and anti-aging, for all tastes, from 30 to 75 minutes.

In some treatments, the use of state-of-the-art machinery, such as T-Shape 2, amplifies the benefits, stimulates and improves the production of elastin and collagen, proteins essential for maintaining the firmness and radiance of the skin of the face.

Treatments Body and Face

Massages and treatments are subject to charges and upon reservation. The duration varies according to the chosen formula.

It is mandatory to report allergies, diseases, use of drugs (or medical devices) and if you are pregnant.

Appointments are subject to confirmation of the booking by the Management. Contact the management well in advance to book.

Massages and treatments can be canceled up to 12 hours before the same.
In the absence of such communication, a penalty equal to 100% of the total cost of entry to the Spa will be charged.

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    Wellness in Spa

    Treat yourself to a private pampering at our Private SPA set in the walls of the medieval castle. A regenerating path to find the right psycho-physical balance.


    Wellness in Spa

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    Scopri i nostri pacchetti benessere ideati per rigenerare il corpo e la mente in totale relax, immersi nella natura. Brevi fughe o soggiorni più lunghi: le proposte sono svariate. 

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