Castle of Campello and Village

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Castle of Campello

Majestic and imposing, the Castle of Campello governs the green Spoleto valley from above.
Circular in shape and positioned at 514 meters above sea level, it stands on a hill dressed in olive, holm oak and resinous trees.

Wrapped in a circular wall that embraces the village, the Castle of Campello keeps its medieval structure perfectly intact, making it one of the most characteristic villages of the entire Umbria region. The visible remains of gunboats, stone corbels, numerous arches and windows, which belonged to the houses that leaned against them, have been preserved in their original circuit and allow the complex to preserve the compact appearance, typical of the medieval castle.

The history of the Castle of Campello

The Castle of Campello was built in 921 AD. from the Baron of Borgognona, Rovero di Champeaux: it would derive the family of the Campello counts and the name of the town. The baron came from Reims and was following the Duke Guido of Spoleto, Lamberto, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, who granted him the right to build a fortress on a hill. Rovero’s descendants became lords of Spina and Torre di Lanfranco. Subsequently their name changed to Campello.

Destroyed by a fire around the middle of the 14th century, the Castle was enlarged in the same century as we see it today. In 1390, the Counts of Campello ceded their feudal rights over the castle to the local farmers. From that period until the eighteenth century the castle remained united with the city of Spoleto; later it became an autonomous municipality.

The Village

Everything is as it is now. You can see the water wells, the communal ovens, the church of San Donato and the scent of antiquity give the setting a magical atmosphere.
The arches, windows and small towers belonging to the houses built outside the walls – all perfectly preserved – maintain the characteristic and original aspect typical of a castle.

Inside the Castle of Campello, in the shadow of the bell tower that stands out with its majesty, Relais Borgo Campello is a widespread structure where nature, relaxation, good food and the rediscovery of rural Italy are perfectly combined.

The dwelling, the restaurant, the SPA and the wonderful terrace: everything maintains the medieval style of the time.